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Fresh Food & Water

With Voyage.Help we help people to improve their life with fresh food and water and many things, that they can take part at the richness of our planet. Travelling brings understanding and travellers will not accept the lack of food and water.

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School Supplies & Education

For organise a country and the people we need education. With voyage.help we can support educational programs. We are sure, that tourists spend much money, which will result in tax and finance education programs of the states.

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Medical Supplies & Treatment

Switzerland has a perfect health system. We can benefit from the knowhow, the research and the people who are engaged for health. On our website we show the Swiss Health System.

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Presentations at conferences

We want to exchange our ideas, our opinion, our believe in a better world. Voyage can help, we want to bring all our initiative in tourism, that helps the people. That people join us, we inform.

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