Guest Advisors – Initiative Friends.Guide

That’s what Voyage.Help did before. We find locals to show the country. Some time ago, this was the purpose of the website Voyage.Help. This locals should have the chance to have a great experience with you. Now we find a  better name:

Now we write here about assistance for tourists, coming to the German speaken countries. This we know and we will put a lot of content time by time.

That’s why we have this portal for guest advisors, people who help you getting local experiences and find secrets in the country. That’s how we think better tourism.

We worked out  a program for Switzerland, where you find a tour for Switzerland which shows more as the tourism hotspots:

That’s a program for people who want to be on tour with locals. They know a lot of things, which you don’t find so easy. Also a local is surprised how many things can be discovered and are interesting for tourists.

Having a guest advisor make really a great tour for you. You learn how people live here and we hope that there will be a friendship.