Help through Voyage – How tourism help people

People like to work and make services against money. Everybody can begin, with no money as travelguide, with some money guest room or restaurant or to open a souvenir shop.

Many jobs are created by the hotel industry. We find a good model would be a cooperative, that people work together and help each other. With the initiative Voyage.Help I try myself to get customers as to guest advisor in Switzerland. That’s a travelguide who looks for individuals.

Social Impact

Tourism brings people together. Mankind was long time ago nomads and had to explore new places. We can meet us in peace, we see that nearly everybody is inspired by love, freedom and justice. Nobody wants that people live in bad conditions. We learn a lot about other mentalities and culture.


Tourism leads to a better infrastructure for transport, living and other offers, like more restaurants and hotels. There are more cultural events and the history is preserved. Often tourism visit only the capitals and main sightseeing points. So it should be our goal to bring more tourists to the region.

Together with the cooperative T, we have a lot of initiatives. We publish many websites about regions and topics. Also we discuss about Fairtrade.

Please let us know your comments.