Vision – our dream of

We have been inspired for tourism, when we lived as student in Russia. There was a lot of military industry, the people they had not much offers for the freetime.

Tourism didn’t exist.  So we start with tourism, to bring the people in Russia alternatives for earning money and not have to work in military industry. We succeeded a little bit and Kazan is today one of the tourist hotspots in Russia. 

Today Russia again invests in military, not so much as Americans. Still military is to strong. With our personal relations we still encourage to invest better  in tourism, we see here much more welfare for the people.

In 2016 we began to think about Africa. We have been in Africa in the year 1980. People are still very poor, there is hunger. Now we want to fight against hunger and unequality, again with tourism. We created cacoatourism and coffeetourism. We speak with many people and support volunteer projects. Google supports us with free Google Ads. 

We can do only small steps. Tourism is a good future for the people, we have also to care for the environment. What we can do, to publish our ideas. In 2020 we will go to the U.S. Voyage.Help should assist you for your travel.